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Registration will begin November 8 for new families, and typically fills up fast.  It is first-come, first-served. Registration ends December 31, or as soon as the maximum number is athletes are reached, after which a certain number of wait list spots will be available.

Age Groups for 2020 Season

  • Gremlins (GG, GB) Birth Years 2012-2013

  • Bantams (BG, BB) Birth Years 2010-2011

  • Midgets (MG, MB) Birth Years 2008-2009

  • Youths (YG, YB) Birth Years 2006-2007

  • Intermediates * (IG, IB) Birth Year 2005

  • Intermediate participants may not compete in a High School Track Program.

  • Team assignments are strictly based on birth years as listed above.


Practices begin mid February 2020.  7 and 8 year olds practice Mondays and Thursdays from 5PM to 6PM.

All other age groups practice M, W, Th 5PM-6PM until Pacific Daylight Time starts on March 10, after which practices extend to 6:30PM.

For optimum benefit, athletes are encouraged to attend all practices for their group. However, there are no penalties for missed practices.  Working together with other sports commitments should not be a problem.

Proper Attire


The Camarillo Cosmos uniform (jersey and shorts), issued 2017 or later, shall be worn to all meets, but not to practice.  Shorts, t-shirt or tank top, and running shoes should be worn to practice.  For the athlete's comfort, Coolmax or other performance fabrics are recommended over cotton.  Athletes are encouraged to bring warm-up suits, sweat pants, or jackets to practices and meets to prevent cooling down too quickly after a workout or race.  The club will sell Cosmos embroidered warm-ups at the beginning of the season, but these are optional and there is no pressure for families to purchase these. 

Jeans and general street shoes are not appropriate for practice and may result in injury to your child.  By conference rules, a child will not be permitted to compete in a meet if he/she is not wearing the club's uniform.  Please have your child dressed appropriately for every practice and meet.

Please put your child's name in clothing items, as we find many lost items after each practice and meet.

Running Shoes

Each athlete must have his or her own running shoes.  The shoes you select should be specifically designed as a running shoe (no court, tennis, skate, multi-purpose, or basketball shoes).  The cost of shoes vary greatly.  Mile 26 in Ventura offers discounts to Cosmos members and they have an experienced sales staff to help you.  If you are new to the program, you may want to consult with your coach before selecting a shoe. 

Track Spikes

Spikes may improve speed and running form, but are not required.  There are variety of spike lengths and shapes; please request a 3/16" spike.  Either pyramid or needle shapes are approved.  The club may have extra spikes available at no charge.  Mile 26 typically carries these spikes as well.  Spikes are not permitted during the first two weeks of practice.  Due to the lightweight nature of the shoes and the sharp spikes, injury can occur if they are worn improperly.  Gremlins are not permitted to wear spikes.  Bantams must first get permission from their coach.  When spikes are allowed at practice, they should be treated with extra care.  Spikes shall be worn only for the portion of practice for which they are required.  A non-spike running shoe must be worn at all other times.


Track meets start in March.  See Meet Schedule.  Please note that the 2-day Dual Meet is optional. Only athletes that set qualifying marks got to the Conference Championships, and only the top 1/2 of each field at VF go to the Co-Conference Championship. 

Track meets run from 8AM until they are finished, typically between 1PM and 3PM. 

Athletes will select the events they wish to compete in before each track meet.  The number of events allowed is based on the athlete’s age and the meet. See Order of Events.  There are not set times for events. 

Order of Events

Running Event - Age Group Order (subject to change)

  • 3200M Run - MG,MB,YG,YB,IG,IB

  • 100M Hurdles - IB,IG,YB,YG

  • 80M Hurdles - MB,MG

  • 4x100M Relay - BG,BB,MG,MB,IG,IB,YG,YB,GG,GB

  • 1600M Run - GG,GB,BG,BB,MG,MB,YG,YB,IG,IB

  • 400M Dash - GG,GB,BG,BB,MG,MB,YG,YB,IG,IB

  • 100M Dash - GG,GB,BG,BB,MG,MB,YG,YB,IG,IB

  • 800M Run - GG,GB,BG,BB,MG,MB,YG,YB,IG,IB

  • 200M Dash - BG,BB,MG,MB,YG,YB,IG,IB,GG,GB

  • 4x400M Relay - BG,BB,MG,MB,YG,YB,IG,IB

Field Event - Age Group Order

  • Long Jump - GG,GB,BG,BB,MG,MB,YG,YB,IG,IB

  • High Jump - BG,BB,MG,MB,YG,YB,IG,IB

  • Shot Put - IG,IB,YG,YB,MG,MB,BG,BB

General Rules

There will be up to 300 athletes at each practice and up to 600 athletes at the meets.  In order to ensure the safety of all, parents, athletes & volunteers must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Athletes must wear shoes at all times.

  2. Athletes may wear spikes only when authorized by the coach and may not be worn by Gremlins.

  3. Throwing objects is prohibited.

  4. No climbing of fences, bleachers, or equipment.

  5. Property and equipment must not be defaced.

  6. Athletes walking or jogging must use the outer 5 lanes.

  7. Look both ways before crossing the track.

  8. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

  9. Swearing is prohibited.

  10. No hitting or rough housing will be tolerated.

  11. Only Cosmos staff, coaches and athletes are allowed on the track during practice.

In addition, required conduct of parents and other adults follows:

Setting a good example for the athletes involved in our program is much more important than the outcome of any of the races and field events conducted during the season.  Parents should approach our program with the attitude that it is conducted by unpaid volunteers for the benefit of all the kids including theirs.  Camarillo Cosmos Youth Track Club follows conduct guidelines set forth by our governing Conference (VCYTC), and that VCYTC’s rules of conduct for competition apply in any and all Cosmos sponsored functions.

Those not adhering to the rules will be warned by the Cosmos staff.  Any violation of the rules above could result in expulsion from the Cosmos program. In the case of athlete misbehavior, the coach will attempt to discuss matter with the child's parents.  To ensure the safety of the other athletes, coaches have the authority to remove a child from the team, in which case no refunds will be issued.

Refund Policy

Drop before Jan. 10, 2020 – receive full registration refund; including uniform purchase

Drop before Feb. 15, 2020 – receive full registration refund; sacrifice uniform purchase (the uniform will be donated to the club)

Drop after Feb. 15, 2020 – no refund

Contact Us

Camarillo Cosmos
P.O. Box 96
Camarillo, CA 93011-0096

Volunteer questions - volunteer@camarillocosmos.org

All other questions - support@camarillocosmos.org

Please be patient with us.  We are all volunteers.  We have full-time jobs and are raising families.  We will respond to you as soon as we can.