Volunteer Requirement

The Camarillo Cosmos Youth Track & Field Club is run entirely by volunteers.  It takes approximately 170 volunteers (including coaches) to run a track meet.  In order to ensure that meets run safely and efficiently, and to give all parents the opportunity to support their athletes and enjoy some time during each meet as spectators, we divide the workload among all participating families.  We cannot overemphasize the importance of everyone's participation in the volunteer work--we absolutely need your support.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Volunteer registration will be separate from the athlete registration for the upcoming season. Athlete registration will end on December 31; once we have finalized our rosters, parents will be notified and volunteer registration will open in mid-January.  One volunteer per family will be required.

Volunteer positions will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Sign-ups will take place on SignUp.com.  We strongly encourage returning families to register for volunteer jobs performed in a previous season.  A volunteer training night will be held during practice on a designated night in March. Please watch for email updates on the exact date (or check the schedule tab above).

Volunteer Commitment

The minimum volunteer commitment for the season will be four shifts.  If you cannot make a meet, please contact us for a makeup shift.

Please note: The Dual Conference Meet, Varsity Meet, and Championship Meet will be handled independently of the regular season requirement.  Each family with an athlete participating in these meets will be required to volunteer; failure to complete this requirement will result in the forfeiture of the volunteer deposit.  Sign-ups for volunteer positions at these meets will be handled separately. 

Volunteer Deposit

One $200.00 volunteer deposit will be required per family. The deposit can be given to us when uniforms are distributed, or you can mail the check PO Box 96, Camarillo CA 93011-0096. Families that meet or exceed the minimum volunteer commitment will have the deposit shredded or returned at the end of the season.  Families that do not meet the commitment will forfeit their deposit.

Questions?  Send an email to: volunteer@camarillocosmos.org.